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"Designed by a fisherman for fishermen"

PATENT #7,343,708

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  • Flashing Display in Assorted Colors (Super Red and Hi-Brite Blue). Use different colors on each tip-up or settle into a color you call your own. This will enable you to determine your "flags" from other fishermen.
  • 150+ Hours of Burn-Time. The battery is also replaceable. Uses standard 3V lithium 20mm coin cell that is sold in any department / hardware store, or anywhere you find the Lake Gogebic Tip-U.P. Lite.
  • Flashing Light Assembly is Reflective. Shine with your flashlight to verify the location of your tip-ups and most importantly will also be seen by motorized traffic on the ice. Protects your equipment from run-overs!
  • Utilizes Environmentally Safe, Reliable Tilt Switch.
  • Semi-permanent Mounting. Mount flashing light assembly and cable with the tie-wraps included. Leave on your tip-up all year long!
  • Battery Pack is Small and Lightweight. Keep the battery pack in your pocket and insert plug when you want your Lake Gogebic Tip-U.P. Lite "armed".
  • Lifetime Guarantee. If your Lake Gogebic Tip-U.P. Lite fails due to manufacturing defects, we'll replace it, free.

Tip-U.P. Packaging "...the quality of the tip up lites I have purchased has been fantastic--great product"

John Agnew
Social Studies Teacher
Football and Basketball Coach
Fisher of Walleye
Sisseton, SD

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