Welcome to bbPie Electronics

Welcome to bbPie Electronics, Inc.
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Darren E. Pieczynski
President, bbPie Electronics, Inc.

bbPie Electronics is a manufacturer of quality electronics and equipment for fishing and hunting. We have innovative products for open water fishing, Fishing Rule #1 lighted fish ruler, the Board Beacon 2 planer board light, Lake Gogebic Tip-U.P. Lite (tip-up light) for ice fishing, and the 2-hAndi Muff heated hand muff. We appreciate you visiting our site.

Summer Products

Board Beacon
Planer Board Lite
Lighted Fish Ruler
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Winter Products

Tip Up Light Combo
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Lake Gogebic Tip-U.P. Lite
2-handi Muff
Tip Up Lite
Heated Hand Muff
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Other Products

Fish Holding Hook
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