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(Patent #7,337,578)

Flashing Two Color Planer Board Light!

"Designed by a Fisherman for Fishermen"

Board Beacon


* Improved Case Design - Quicker Response Time!

* Red or Green Selectable Display
(Extend Boat Lighting to Your Boards)

* 100% Waterproof Enclosure

* Mount to Board or Flag

* Easy One Switch Operation

* 100+ Hours of Operation
(per replaceable battery)

* Reflective Label

* Lifetime Guarantee!

Flashing Display in Two Selectable Colors:
Use different colors (red or green selectable) on each planer board to indicate inside and outside boards, or red to port and green to starboard to expand boat lighting. Indicate the location of your boards and the direction of travel to other boaters. The flashing display is easily seen for 100 yards.

100+ Hours of Burn Time!
The battery is also replaceable. Uses standard 3v lithium 20mm coin cell.

Case Label is Reflective:
Shine with your flashlight or spotlight to verify the location of your planer boards even when the lights are not activated.

Semi-Permanent Mounting:
Mounts with screw supplied to board or flag.

Lifetime Guarantee!
If this product fails due to manufacturing defects, we'll replace it free!

Operation: Easy operation even with gloves!
Press and hold the dome switch located under the reflective label. The light will flash for one second in the sequence of red, green, and off; just release the dome switch when your selection is indicated. The light will then flash your option. To turn off, again press and hold the dome switch. The unit will return to the red, green, and off sequence. Simply release the switch when in the off state (after green)

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